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APR 2.0T FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump

by APR
SKU MS100144


A low pressure fuel pump (which varies from ~40-95psi) delivers fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Then in order to spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber a high-pressure camshaft-driven pump pressurizes the fuel to upwards of 130bar (almost 1900psi !). Unfortunately on cars that have many modifications the stock fuel pump cannot flow enough volume of fuel to maintain the system pressure and the car gets the familiar “fuel cut” that so many modified customers experience.

Because of this dependency on engine rpm for the high pressure fuel pump output volume the FSI pump is capable of flowing almost 370hp at 7000 rpm but yet only 158hp at 3000rpm. The only way to address this issue while maintaining a pump that fits in the stock location is to change the volume of the pump’s internal pressurization chamber.

APR engine management software is required when using this fuel pump. For customers with existing APR software this reflash is free, new customers without APR software must purchase the software from their local APR dealer. Labor charges from your local APR dealer may apply.

* This part is designed for the FSI engine only. This can easily be found on the engine cover of your 2.0T VW/Audi. It will clearly be stamped FSI (not TFSI).

  • Brand: APR
  • Part #MS100016