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IE Audi 3.0T Cold Air Intake | Fits B8/B8.5 S4 & B8.5 S5



IE engineers use an extensive array of testing equipment to maximize and verify the performance of the intake design, including digital analysis, flow bench verification, and power testing on our in-house chassis dyno. The result is an authentic motorsport design that instantly adds horsepower, torque, and snappy throttle response. Typical peak gains from our CAI are roughly 15-25+ Horsepower & Torque on a tuned car.


Dyno chart data was collected on our in-house Dynapack hub dyno on a full bolt-on stage 2 B8 S4 3.0T engine. Testing was performed back-to-back in exacting conditions; the only change made to the vehicle between runs is the swap from a stock intake to the IE Cold Air Intake Kit.

Dyno numbers are for reference against stock numbers only. Personal dyno results will vary depending on fuel quality, local conditions, dyno brand, and correction factors.

" I feel the power

can't say enough good things about it
-Ignition Tube

" Best intake design in the market


Incorporating our true-motorsport velocity stack into the intake design channels the force-fed charge air from the large air filter into the engine cleanly and reduces drag. This creates a very high-inertia environment that speeds up airflow as quickly as possible and without any power-robbing turbulence found in traditional aftermarket intake designs. The velocity stack also acts as a stable and solid foundation for the massive 5" filter and aluminum intake pipe for a reliable and sturdy assembly without any rubbing or rattles.


Cutting-edge 3D scanning technology created a digital duplicate of the engine bay, grille, bumper, and hood. This high-resolution environment allows IE engineers to prototype the intake design and ensure an extremely high-end precision fitment. Right out of the box, you will enjoy a perfect and hassle-free installation.


To further cut down on turbulence, the multi-ply silicone adapters incorporate internal stops that perfectly mate each section of your intake together to create a smooth and continuous intake tract.


A sturdy aluminum intake pipe ensures no collapsing under high-boost situations commonly found on full silicone designs.


The heat shield, velocity stack, intake pipe, and brackets are all finished in a durable black powder coat for a sleek and sporty appearance as an upgrade to any engine bay.


This Intake fits Audi B8 & B8.5 S4 & S5 3.0T V6 Supercharged engines without modification or installation hassles. The install process is simple and can be done in 30 minutes or less with basic tools. The airbox utilizes factory-style mounts that ensure a perfect fit and allows for natural engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.